A revelation of "taboo" topics around the depths of our soul and self, exploring the wild and the erotic, the deep and magical, the calm and sensitive, and all and everything that’s part of our true nature as human beings in this lifetime on earth right now.

CLOTHES, ACCESORIES AND ART that give voice to our feelings and experiences.
Carrying all that lies within to the outer world, claiming OUR space in society.

I am Annie, the core of ANASA creations. 

Through the process of journeying towards the depths of my soul, I am becoming more and more aware of how I feel myself in this existence: how challenging it is to honestly be, express and remember who I always was.
With meditation, soul journeying, nature walks, rituals and other magical practices I receive inspiration from the other world.
Images, spoken from my soul, depths that want to enter this physical world through my imagination and creation.

Deeply connected to my soul and self, to my body and cycle, I create art and wearables, making the souls language accessible for a broad spectrum of creatures.

I am a one woman show - which doesn’t mean I don’t have some very special beings supporting me – but it means I run this project by myself.

I’d say I am constantly exploring creative ways of expression, always open to try new techniques, always open to make mistakes and start over again.

As far as possible, I am living the whole process of creation myself: I receive inspiration, sketch, draw (manual & digital), paint, sew, print.
I do collaborate with small workshops, like for screen-printing the shirts & sweaters for example. – But it all always depends on the idea, my time and the skills I already got or am eager to learn.

What’s definitely clear is, no matter if I produce myself or collaborate: I choose fair and organic fabrics and/or local family businesses, as it is one of my key priorities to live & create in the most ethical & sustainable way I can.

Oh, and also of course running a business includes also all the paperwork stuff, bills and receipt, and also packaging your orders and sending them out. – I lovingly take care of that as well.

That’s it from me for now, enjoy exploring my creations and remember:
I am always up for receiving love-letters, books or vegan chocolate.

Con mucho amor, Annie