Whatever you come with,
whoever you might be.

Art as a vessel
filled with dreams,
visions and memories.

Every piece made to remember.
Me, you, us.
An invitation to connect with the unseen worlds.


ANASA is more than a brand or an artist alter-ego.

ANASA is a space FOR US ALL to come gather around the fire

ANASA is a collection of art, embodiment practices, ritual, offerings, guidance
and all forms of creation to support you on your own unique journey
with and as Soul in this human existence on earth right now.

ANASA is a universe
My universe, and yours too, if you dare to join.


Remember the divine essence of your existence

Carry it out into the world


I am on a journey,
Through the deepest of depths,
The wild world underneath

I am shining rays of love on the well hidden
Hearing the unspoken
Seeing the unseen;

Pouring love into Self,
Pouring life into world.

I came to remember.
Everything that seemed long forgotten

I came to remind
Of the everything your soul knows to be true

Come dance with me in the ocean of living,
Come sway with me in the moonlit night of Self.”


I whisper invitations from the realms of Soul,
Invitations to sink a little deeper, listen a little closer,
sing a little louder and breath a little deeper.

I do not know it all, not even quite.
But I trust in what I came to remember
and I am delighted to share these drops of Soul with you.


Come back home again

Soul speaks in images to me, through me and I dare to let mother be my guide.

Lovemaking through words, through art, through clothes.
Lovemaking through sharing what moves me with the world.

Thank you for seeing me,

Thank you for receiving my soul-full gifts in this earthly way.