Process : ANASA Wear

The new Collection consists of
two lines


All new creations from


How ON-DEMAND works:

: You order :
: I print :
: I ship :
: You receive :

To sum it up:
Only the pieces ordered will be produced.


Another step towards more sustainability.
No excess stock - Only what we need.

All Tees from “THE PRINT LINE” are hand-printed on sustainable, fair made, organic Tees.
(Please check the Ethics page for more info.)

As I do only print them as soon as you place your order, the production time until the shipping is placed will take between 7 - 10 days.
Thank you for your patience.

THE LIMITED LINE PIECES are unique, made by hand, from scratch, by me.

It’s a limited series, with only few pieces of each design available.

I will re-produce as often and as many of them (in different sizes) as I will be able to produce and feel like  - depending on my life situation.

Once in a while I will also open a pre-order (hop on the newsletter so I can let u know) and you can pre-order a piece in your favorite size, design and color.

Feel free to also email me here any time - and we’ll find a way for you to get your limited creation, even if the pre-order is not open at the moment.

::: PRE-ORDER :::

If you find pieces or sizes available to pre-order, I will get in touch with you as soon as you order. 
Usually it will take between 7-26 days until you receive your ordered piece.