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“Hold on to your soul fire.
Tend to the flame that’s burning inside of you.
Gentle but clear, it holds the whispers of your true desire.
Trust that heat and bring it back alive.

Guided by soul,
Clear, warm and courageous.

May you life in alignment with your true calling
and bring it to life with the gentle clarity of your inner flame.

May you burn into love force, life force, aliveness.

Fire carrying truth into this human existence.

Feed the Fire - it’s been starving for so long!”


::: Made ON DEMAND
Please check “Process” page for more information

::: Two colors : Two Fits
::: For all human beings, all genders

::: Block printed in VIE
::: 100% ORGANIC cotton : 150g/m²
::: FAIR produced & certified

::: FITTING : Please check “Fitting” page

::: SIZING : Please check “Fitting” page


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