Tattoo tokens are for already existing designs.
By purchasing this token, you get full permission to use one of my artworks and get it tattoed by your local tattoo artist.


Please do only purchase this "product" after having been in touch with me.

I feel honored that you're wanting to wear one of my designs on your skin.

Tattoos are rituals that mark time, medicine for the spirit and body.
An artwork we carry with us, honoring our story.


This does not include a custom artwork.

This does not include the tattoo process itself.

The design you choose will not be reserved for you only. Meaning: other people can get the same artwork/design done, if they choose to.

If you prefer to get a custom tattoo design, please check the product "CUSTOM TATTOO DESIGN".
In that way you can make sure to be the only one wearing the design I created JUST FOR YOU.


Photo & Tattoo done by @ohweig.stubn