.:. hand poke tattoos in Vienna.:.


.:. soul:full : intentional : conscious .:.

"I believe in the power of tattoos, once we open our Self to the medicine of Soul and live this moment with intention and presence."

Tattoos are rituals that mark time, for the spirit and body.

An artwork we carry with us, honoring our story.


The Art of Handpoking (also called stick & poke tattoos) is an ancient form of tattooing by hand.

It's a very slow and conscious process.
No machines, no noise.

A sacred space between two people (you & me).

I am creating a Ritual Space for your Tattoo session, where we enter a deeper state of consciousness and the realm of Soul.

With connection and care we enter this intimate space of inking. 


You can either bring your own idea & inspiration, choose one of my flash designs or I will create a custom design for you.

Depending on what you (& your Soul) need and want and feel.

I feel honored to create a custom tattoo for you, to mark a very special idea, vision or feeling on your physical body.


Any questions?
Send me a messsage via
Email: here or Instagram: anasa.pokes


You can follow my ongoing tattooing process and find available designs here on Instagram.